Our local guide, Geoff, showed us all the rad trails (and views).

Shred-spo: Hawes Trails in Mesa, AZ

Like fitspo, only with pictures of beautiful single track instead of creepily tan people with creepily defined abs. I think we can all agree that’s an improvement. (more...) [2 comments]


Transition: From New Zealand to Van Life in the Southwest

Going from muddy Rotorua to dry, dusty New Mexico. And how our van almost died in our first week of #vanlife and other stories… (more...) [1 comments]

PC: Jill Behlen

Enduro World Series Round #1: What Makes A Good Race?

This race wasn’t really a race between me and the other pro women. It was a race between me and this dude we’ll call the “Asshole In My Head.” And I freaking stomped his ass. (more...) [4 comments]


My Complicated Relationship with Mud (and some tips for shredding wet trails)

Here’s my grand theory (on mountain biking and life in general): if you don’t do a thing, you won’t be good at the thing. And sometimes the “thing” in question is annoyingly specific. (more...) [1 comments]


Lessons from Riding Outside My Limits in Queenstown

If there’s one thing that is readily apparent about Queenstown, New Zealand, pretty much the moment you roll your bike out the door, it’s this: here is a place that doesn’t fuck around. When it comes to riding mountain bikes … (more...) [3 comments]


February 2015: It’s All About the Bike [Vlog]

I start every one of these update posts with something along the lines of “whoa is it already [insert month here]?!?!” I’m getting predictable enough that if this were someone else’s blog, I would probably make fun of them. So, … (more...) [2 comments]


Freewheel Finance: The Power of “Faking It” Mindfully

After a year of faking it and doing a lot of unpaid work, I’m [sorta] making it. (more...) [8 comments]


Vanquishing the Hangries, One Roadtrip at a Time

The scene is a gas station somewhere in Illinois or Indiana. It’s 2012, I’m 21 years old and Macky and I are driving his beat up Subaru Legacy across the country. (To read my three part treatise on the Subaru’s … (more...) [2 comments]